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Meet The Founder : Jack W. Howard

Jack Howard, affectionately known as J-Dubb., was born and raised in the heart of Georgia. Growing up in a modest home, he exhibited an early fascination with machines and how they worked. This interest became a driving force in his life, shaping his future and the legacy he would eventually leave behind.

J-Dubb’s journey into the world of precision machining began when he secured a job in Detroit in the automotive industry. There, he was introduced to Davenport machines—multi-spindle screw machines known for their complexity and precision. J-Dubb was captivated by their intricacies and quickly became adept at operating and maintaining them. His hunger for knowledge and his innate mechanical aptitude propelled him to excel in his field.

Driven by a desire to master his craft, J-Dubb embarked on a journey across the United States. He visited various machine shops, learning from seasoned machinists and gaining hands-on experience with different types of precision machinery. His travels took him from bustling industrial centers to quiet rural towns, each stop adding to his growing expertise.

By the late 1960s, Jack had established himself as one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the country when it came to precision machining with Davenport machines. His reputation for excellence and innovation spread, earning him respect and admiration within the industry.

In 1974, Jack realized his dream of founding his own company, Howard Precision Machined Products. Based in Utah, the company quickly gained a reputation for delivering high-quality precision machining services. J-Dubb’s dedication to excellence and his hands-on approach ensured that every project met his exacting standards.

Under J-Dubb’s leadership, the company flourished. He fostered a culture of continuous improvement and encouraged his employees to strive for the highest levels of precision and craftsmanship. His commitment to quality and customer satisfaction became the cornerstone of the company’s success.

As the years passed, Jack began to think about the future of his company. He had always hoped that his son, Ryan, would share his passion for precision machining and continue the family legacy. Ryan, having grown up watching his father’s dedication and skill, was eager to step into his father’s shoes.

In the early 2000s Ryan proved to be a quick learner and soon became an integral part of the company. By the time J-Dubb was ready to retire, he was confident that Ryan was prepared to take over the reins.

In 2003, Jack officially handed control of the company to Ryan, who rebranded it as Howard Precision Machine Products. Under Ryan’s leadership, the company continued to thrive, staying true to the principles of precision, quality, and customer satisfaction that J-Dubb had instilled.

Today, Howard Precision Machine Products is a testament to J.W. Howard’s Inc.’s legacy. The company remains a leader in the field of precision machining. Ryan, following in his father’s footsteps, ensures that the family tradition of innovation and craftsmanship continues, honoring J-Dubb’s remarkable journey from a young machinist in Georgia to a pioneering founder of a respected precision machine company