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Prototype Manufacturing

Equipped with advanced CNC capabilities, HPMP is able to produce prototype components swiftly, often within days. Our extensive industry connections enable us to offer or arrange additional services such as heat treating and plating.

Please note that requests for unique materials may necessitate a longer lead time. For a precise timeline, kindly submit your design for a detailed quote.

Full Production

Utilizing both CNC and Davenport Screw Machines, we can accommodate orders ranging from small quantities to millions of units per month.

Although Davenport machines require a slight additional lead time and setup cost, their multi-spindle turret design allows them to produce parts up to ten times faster


“Howard is extremely service orientated as they take that extra step, especially when needed. On a job for us we needed 1,000 pieces ASAP. He delivered parts in 3 days and before we received the parts he called to notify us that he wasn’t completely happy with half the parts he ran. He gave those to us at no charge and proceeded to manufacture the balance in 2 days. At the same time he added a chamfer that made the parts look cosmetically better and did all that at no additional cost. His prices are very competitive and we are glad to do business with them.”


“We use Howard because of their ability to manufacture massive quantitles of parts very quickly for us. They additionally inventory parts for us to facilitate even quicker turnaround. We use them for far too many parts to list.

Their pricing is always extremely competitive, typically 10% less than others. Over the past 7-8 years that we have used them and their service and quality has been excellent.

I would recommend them to anyone.”


“I make the best finished product in the Archery Industry because Howard holds exceptional tolerances on the parts they make for me. Including, but not limited to stabilizers, arrow points, and aiming devices. At Howard, their quality is so high and the finished parts so outstanding that I can charge premiums for my products and my archery products have the reputation for being the best in the industry. Ryan Howard is very flexible and knowledgeable as well – with other companies you get what you get – you don’t get what you asked for – but with Howard the team recommends better processes that allow us to build a better product at a more reasonable price.

I appreciate all that the team at Howard does for us!”


What’s the difference between Star CNC
and Davenport Screw Machines?

Short Answer:
Large Quantity = Davenport
Small Quantity = CNC




With over 50 years of experience, we have developed the expertise to determine the optimal machine for your project. Our deep understanding of the intricacies of precision machining ensures that we can provide the best support for our customers’ needs.

We are not doing the customer a favor by serving them. The customer is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so.


50 Years Of History,
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Founded in 1974, we offer over five decades of expertise in the precision screw machine industry. Clients rely on our steadfast commitment to quality, supported by years of experience and a talented team of professionals. We focus on customer satisfaction, providing precision components that adhere to exact specifications with both efficiency and reliability. Partnering with us means leveraging our long-standing reputation for excellence and our dedication to fulfilling your machining needs with precision and integrity.